Morowat Global Ltd.

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Head Office

640 Derwent Way, Delta BC

Canada V3M 5P8

Phone: 604-123-4567

Fax: 604-123-4567

Email: [email protected]

Precision machined parts for heavy industry since 2007

Morowat Global Manufacturing Division

MG Manufacturing was established in 2007 as a high quality manufacturer of precision components and assemblies for heavy industry.  Nico Morowat is well respected in the industry for his knowledge and experience and is passionate about making a change in the way that business is done.

His reputation for taking on difficult projects is a testament to his experience and skill.  His company is built on making sure every project is delivered to exacting specifications.

While most work is done in-house MG Manufacturing has a proven network of affiliated companies that allows the company to handle projects requiring specialty finishing or other processes.